Y Spontaneous?

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7-week worship course


We are working on laying the groundwork for building our Spontaneous worship tribe- YOU!

In this building process Suzy will be releasing on line worship courses.

We are launching or first 7-week course, Y-spontaneous, Oct 11.


Why should our worship and our lives be more spontaneous?


Let’s discover together as I share from my experiences and travel through God’s confirming scriptures for the topics that we will be discussing.

Join us as we discover more depth and heights of the power of true worship and how it changes the world continually.                     


Musical and life-style true worship is THE KEY TO EVERYTHING GOD.

Spontaneity will turn the key.

As the tribe builds, we will start having retreats in our beautiful home land of Moravian Falls where we will connect, eat great food, and worship our hearts out together with all we have learned and received. A place to cultivate and explode with what we have been steeped in over these course streams. In these retreats we will have other amazing pioneers of true worship from our area joining us to pray for you and impart more depth of what musical and lifestyle worship can really mean as we lean into His Holy Spirit.

We have already begun to build our Spontaneous Tribe on a private Facebook page where we can continue to check-in with each other and stay connected.

Join the Spontaneous tribe!

first 7 week worship course: Y-spontaneous?

·      spirit and truth: jn 4:23-24

·      the exciting ‘new song’

·      prophetic song and song of the Lord

·      psalms, hymns and spiritual songs

·      new worship leaders track

·      bring it home (daily life)

·      hear it, sing it, write it

October 11-November 22, 2017


Live webinars will be Wednesdays at 1pm EST


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